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Vida Blue a Special Man, Great Pitcher
May 1, 2023 - Cy Young and All Star pitcher Vida Blue is seen here dealing in this circa 1971 photo at the Oakland Coliseum. Vida passed away at age 73 on Sun May 7, 2023  (Photo Ken Mattison / Flickr)

In Spanish the word Vida means Life. And Vida Blue was that type of guy, he loved life and people, he loved life and never took himself very seriously, he knew what he did as a baseball player and that was that. He was a pitcher that won three World Series in three consecutive years, a Cy Young winner and many other awards playing for the real dynasty of the 1970s and one of the greatest dynasties of baseball, definitely “the” true dynasty for baseball in the Bay Area.” The last time I spoke with Vida at length was last year during the A’s 1972 players reunion.

Vida was a people’s person, last time we spoke in some length was in June 2022 as the A’s held their 1972 World Series reunion at the swanky and historical Claremont Hotel in Berkeley. A’s players of that year (and other years), since even Rickey Henderson made an appearance, we were on hand with their families as they mingled with A’s employees.

Vida looked very good as he was ready to talk to anybody that approached him, he knew a lot of people and he seems always to remember when I spoke with him about people of years past, like my first partner doing A’s broadcast in the 70’s Julio González or his good friend (now retired and living in Florida) Adalberto “Ucho” López. Ucho knew Vida and all those guys including his Cuban compatriot, shortstop Dagoberto Blanco (Campy) Campaneris, whom as a very young player stayed in Ucho’s house in the Bay Area, during the 1970s.

Vida’s memory was very good and clear all the time, he seemed to be happy when talking not only about his great baseball career, but the many friends he had made because of baseball throughout the years.

I will personally miss Vida. May he Rest in Peace.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead radio talent on the Oakland A’s Spanish network at 1010 KIQI San Francisco and 990 KATD Pittsburg and does News and Commentary at

Memories of Oakland: The Athletics Last World Series Title
May 1, 2023 - October 17, 1989. The third game of the A’s vs Giants World Series. Amaury Pi-González and Evelio Areas Mendoza, at Candlestick Park, San Francisco minutes before the 6.9 Loma Prieta Earthquake shook the Bay Area and postponed it for 10 days. KNTA 1430AM Radio, Santa Clara.  (Photo APG Sports)

Some things in life are truly unpredictable, like an earthquake during a World Series. And that was the story in 1989. The first and only time in history.
That year the Oakland A’s won 99 games and their division by seven games over the Kansas City Royals. The San Francisco Giants also won their division with 92 wins by three games over the San Diego Padres. In October they both had a date for the 1989 World Series.

Game One: October 14 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Dave Stewart threw a gem as he pitched a complete game blanking the Giants on 5 hits as the A’s won 5-0 in front of 49,385 fans. In 1989 Stew ended with a 21-9 record, a 3.32 ERA during his penultimate season of 4 years in a row of 20-plus wins.

Game 2 is back at the Coliseum. A’s won 5 to 1 and took a two games lead. Mike Moore “took his time” and dominated the Giants lineup for seven innings and the bullpen did its usual job the rest of the way. That year Moore ended with 19-11 and a 2.62 earned run average pitching 241 2/3 innings.

Game Three: October 17 it was a very warm day with temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees around the Bay Area. A temperature of 81 was registered in downtown San Francisco, hours before the first pitch of the game, a very muggy day. What people call here in California “Earthquake Weather”. I left earlier than usual from Fremont, to Candlestick Park, about a 40 mile drive. Since it was the World Series between the two bay area teams, I knew there was going to be traffic and there was. An hour plus drive time.

As I arrived at Candlestick, I first went to check the A’s Spanish broadcast booth. It was an auxiliary booth just a few feet away under the roof of the stadium. My broadcast partner was Evelio Areas Mendoza, who lived near San Francisco. Our engineer Erwin Higueros was working our broadcast.

After checking our booth, I went down to the field to conduct “The Tony LaRussa Show”, a short three minute pregame show and then returned to my booth. In 1989 we needed broadcast lines, and a couple of telephones in case we went off the air, which little I knew at that time, were going to be the case a few minutes after 5 PM.

The hectic moment was about to happen. Our pregame show was usually 15 minutes, but because these were World Series games, we got 30 minutes of pregame air time. The General Manager at KNTA 1430AM in Santa Clara was Gene Hogan, one of the real good guys running radio stations those years, he loved sports. We played the Tony La Russa pregame segment, which this time was a little longer than the usual three minutes on regular season games.

I remember Evelio Medoza and yours truly were talking about the difference between A’s and Giants fans and other topics, like the history of both teams since their arrival in the Bay Area, and regular baseball stuff. At that same time, when we were on the air that little auxiliary booth shook like somebody had pushed us up to the roof, I honestly thought I was “buying the farm” we kept talking but we have lost the broadcast lines.

We were lucky the telephone line was still “alive” so we chatted for a few minutes and sent it back to the studios via the telephone. I was surprised the radio station never went off the air, although some others in the bay area did lose their signal.

The earthquake happened at 5:04 PM take or give a minute or so, and before the game was scheduled to start at 5:35 our time, 8:35 PM east coast time. Later as I went down to the regular press box, I watched KPIX CH 5 on a monitor as Ana Chávez, Anchor, was showing a video of the Bay Bridge, the tremors caused a portion of the Bay Bridge to collapse onto the lower deck, also ragging fires of various homes in the Marina District in San Francisco. It was a 6.9 Earthquake, called Loma Prieta Earthquake, and also acquired the name The World Series Earthquake.
A couple of hours later when it was quiet, I drove out of Candlestick Park parking lot, but the Bay Bridge was closed as well as other bridges and I had to drive all the way down south on Hwy 101, around the bay. I was taking Erwin back to his place in Oakland and later Evelio in San Francisco.

At a service station maybe a quarter mile from Candlestick Park, José Canseco wearing his A’s uniform at a gas station filling gasoline in his car. I also stopped to check on my mom. She was fine, however scared and shaken like many others. However there were others in the Bay Area were not that lucky.

That was one of the longest days of my life. I got home before midnight. The Fall Classic was postponed for 10 days, they played again on October 27, and the Athletics won the last two games and took the trophy via sweep. A’s #1 pitcher Dave Stewart won the MVP.

Because the game was at 5:00 PM, it has been attributed to saving lots of lives. Everybody was either home, watching the game, or left earlier to get to “The Stick” on time, for the game.
I recommend “Goodbye Oakland” a great book by Andy Dolich and Dave Newhouse. A fascinating tour of Oakland sports history and a look toward the future of professional sports in the East Bay. Oakland is a sports city like no other.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead play by play voice for the Oakland A’s Spanish radio network on 1010 KIQI San Francisco and 990 KATD Pittsburgh and does News and Commentary at

$500 Million in Public Money About to get Answered in Las Vegas For A’s
APR 29, 2023 - An aerial view of the potential site of the Oakland A’s new ballpark at Dean Martin Drive and Tropicana Avenue located near the T-Mobile Center, Allegiant Stadium, and New York New York hotel and casino. (photo by Las Vegas Review Journal)

From Casinos to the Chamber of Commerce, the state of Nevada and the City of Las Vegas it’s looking more and more likely the A’s last and most important step to move to Las Vegas and finance their new ball park at Tropicana and I 15 would be a reality.

Currently in Nevada the A’s are pushing for a bill that would put together $500 million from a special tax district being arranged. That special tax district would include amphitheater and restaurants near the A’s new ballpark. Red Rock Report who is a parent company of Red Rock resorts are relying their hopes that the A’s would get some sort of public assistance.

There is opposition like every other new stadium idea. Nevada tax payers say that the Las Vegas Raiders when they moved to Las Vegas already paid $750 million in public taxes now the A’s are asking for $500 million there has been some blow on using public funds.

The other opposing voice has come from Raiders owner Mark Davis who said the A’s who shared the Oakland Coliseum with the Raiders signed a ten year lease and became the Coliseum main tenant forced the Raiders to move to Las Vegas. The question on how the Raiders and Davis will respond to having the A’s and John Fisher A’s owner who he blames for the Coliseum tenant debacle will Davis go and try and play politics to try and keep the A’s out.

With all the support the A’s are getting from the state of Nevada, the Nevada Chamber of Commerce, local Casinos and Red Rock it might be too much for Davis to try and oppose the new stadium and he just might have to try and get along with his old “roommate.”

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead play by play voice for the Oakland A’s Spanish radio network on 1010 KIQI San Francisco and 1010 KATD Pittsburg and does News and Commentary at

Difficult to Build Sports Stadiums in the Bay Area
APR 25, 2023 - Las Vegas Aviators Field could be the Oakland A’s interim home while their stadium is being built on the Las Vegas Strip with a ready date of 2027 (photo from

Is it just a “coincidence” that Oakland has lost three professional teams in the last 5 years? Or does anybody here question Oakland’s politicians’ leadership?
Oakland is on its way to losing their third professional league team in the last five years, Raiders, Warriors, Athletics. The Bay Area has always been a difficult place for teams to build stadiums/arenas. Many factors, like very expensive to build anything here, also the lack of land/location availability, plus a very sensitive area for environmental issues which always take preference in the Bay Area.

In 1992 Bob Lurie, owner of the San Francisco Giants agreed to sell the Giants to a Florida group that would relocate the team to Tampa Bay. That same year, the A’s ownership under Walter Haas, gave the San José territorial rights to the Giants, who were thinking of building a stadium in San José, they never did. Years later after failed elections, the Giants build their own park (inaugurated in 2020) mostly with private money.

  • 49ers could not build in San Francisco: The San Francisco 49ers with a great history and tradition, with five Super Bowl titles, could never build a new park in San Francisco. In 2014 they packed their helmets and move to Santa Clara, where they build their current home, Levi Stadium. So, the San Francisco 49ers play in Santa Clara, but that is “small potatoes” because the Warriors have played since 1971 at Oakland and now San Francisco and they are still The “Golden State” Warriors, so if they win another NBA title I suppose it will be a State win?
  • Oakland A’s could not build in Oakland for 20 years. The A’s proposed Howard Terminal Park is a very nice plan, next to the water in Oakland, 35,000 seats in what was going to be a revitalization of the city of Oakland, a $12 billion project. But now, that plan looks like a thing of the past, and a trivia question for future generations after last week A’s announced they have a binding agreement to buy 49 acres of land a mile from the Strip in Vegas where they hope to build their $1.5 billion half-dome stadium. Las Vegas is a growing city now looking to its third pro-league sports team, NHL Golden Knights and NFL Las Vegas Raiders. With time, they will probably welcome the NBA and MLS teams to their gambling town, with time, it will happen. In Las Vegas, the A’s are being promised half a billion dollars from the state of Nevada for their new ballpark.

Who is to blame for the Oakland A’s leaving the Bay Area, the owners of the Oakland A’s, the City of Oakland politics, climate change? Whatever your opinion there are facts to be presented to the jury; as the City of Oakland precedent is not a good one when it comes to sports franchises, that (and the jury) must take into consideration.

Oakland is not a city ran with great competence and good results for its citizens, all you have to do is watch the news every day.
The Verdict: What comes first, the chicken or the egg? 2022 A’s attendance was the lowest in all of major league baseball. Why fans are not attending? The owners do not put any money on the field to keep their stars, they rebuild every few years and it is a vicious cycle, very tough for any fan to keep involved with the team, plus it has been 34 years since the last time the team won a World Series.

Oakland A’s fans are good loyal fans. Fans do not attend? Well, they can only take so much and the City of Oakland Mayor said they wanted to keep negotiating with the A’s, until when, the year 2500? This could be a hung jury because there is enough guilt on both sides, seems the City of Oakland and the Oakland Athletics deserved each other. In this case, the perfect divorce. Case dismissed.

Note: A question often asked: Where will the A’s play while their new ballpark is build in Las Vegas? A’s President Dave Kaval said last week that the team has an option with the Howard Hughes Corporation, which own the Aviators, to play at Las Vegas ballpark for the 2025 and 2026 seasons with 2027 the target date to inaugurate their new ballpark a mile from the strip.
What this means, is that more than likely the 2024 season for the A’s could be played at the Oakland Coliseum. 2024 is the last year of the lease with the Coliseum. However, that could also change since the A’s are 50% owners of the Oakland Coliseum.

The NHL California Golden Seals Seals ended up playing nine seasons in California before relocating to Cleveland in the mid-1970s, but their beginnings go all the way back to the early 1960s when they were a minor league team in the now defunct Western Hockey League known as the San Francisco Seals.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Oakland A’s lead play by play Spanish announcer on 1010 KIQI San Francisco and 990 KATD Pittsburg and does News and Commentary at

Difficult to Build Sports Stadiums in the Bay Area
APR 22, 2023 - Las Vegas ballpark could be the home of the Oakland A’s for the 2024 season. The A’s minor team the Las Vegas Aviators and the A’s could end sharing the park starting 2024 until the A’s stadium is ready in 2027 (photo by the Las Vegas Review Journal file)

A’s fans are very upset, after the announcement a few days ago by Dave Kaval that the A’s are buying land, have a binding agreement in Las Vegas to build their new ballpark. This is a wound that will take time to heal to all the people in the bay area, especially Oakland and the east bay.

On one hand many fans were under the impression the team was still working with the city of Oakland, as Kaval has said many times “we are working on parallel plans”, but on the other hand for anybody following this soap opera, the possibility of the team leaving was greater than 50%. Honestly, I was not surprised.

According to Kaval the plan is to inaugurate the new park in Las Vegas in 2027. But many are asking the question: where will the A’s play after 2024 when the lease with the Oakland Coliseum expires. Where will the A’s play in 2025 and 2026, while they are building the new park?

Oracle Park the home of the Giants could be one option, but it is unlikely. MLB will have to work on a big schedule modification. At the Oakland Coliseum. Extending the Coliseum (what happened to the Raiders) when they were waiting for their new park.

This is a possibility, if both sides agree to terminate the lease early. But this whole story has not been distinguished by people agreeing in much. At Aviators park in Las Vegas. Dave Kaval said the Aviators will remain in Las Vegas, the Aviators are their AAA affiliate and they could possibly play regular season games there while they build their new park close to the strip. Aviators Park is located in Summerlin, a suburb of Las Vegas with a capacity of 10,000.

If you think both teams, Aviators and A’s could not play close by, I remind you that currently the Minnesota Twins have their Triple A affiliate in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and have played their home games at CHS Field since 2015, which is 10 minutes away from Target Field in Minneapolis home of the major league Twins.

Ex A’s and Hall of Fame player Reginaldo Martínez (Reggie) Jackson recently told the NY Post “what was the city of Oakland thinking?” And mentioned that they had already lost the Raiders and the Warriors and now the Oakland A’s. Two weeks ago Reggie predicted “they will not have a team in Oakland”.

Commissioner Fred Manfred wanted the A’s to leave Oakland and he knows the baseball owners are in agreement. The chances for Oakland to keep the A’s were never good. Baseball historians will have the task to record this moment in history. Once is all said and done, the A’s will become the first franchise in baseball to have played in four different cities; Philadelphia, Kansas City, Oakland and Las Vegas all keeping the same name of Athletics.

Perhaps the most famous move of major league teams happened on May 29, 1957, when National League owners voted unanimously to allow the Brooklyn Dodgers to relocate to Los Angeles and the New York Giants to San Francisco.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the Oakland A’s lead play by play Spanish announcer on 1010 KIQI San Francisco and 990 KATD Pittsburg and does News and Commentary at

Adiós Atléticos – Oakland Lost in Sports World; Map shows where park would be on Vegas strip
APR 20, 2023 - Las Vegas ballpark could be the home of the Oakland A’s for the 2024 season. The A’s minor team the Las Vegas Aviators and the A’s could end sharing the park starting 2024 until the A’s stadium is ready in 2027 (photo by the Las Vegas Review Journal file)

OAKLAND – While the Mayor of Oakland Sheng Thao was attending a film screening at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland to watch the new documentary “Stephen Curry: Underrated” on the opening night of the San Francisco Film Festival and Oakland police was investigating a number of car burglaries in that area, one of which was the car of Mayor Sheng Thao, about 560 miles east in Las Vegas, the Oakland A’s were closing in on a binding agreement to construct a $1 billion baseball stadium north of the Allegiant Stadium (home of the Raiders) with the support of Nevada Governor.

Nevada Gov Joe Lombardo and top lawmakers in a deal that will not involve new taxes, as it was reported by multiple sources. Stadium is planned to be ready for the 2027 season.

It remains how history will judge all protagonists, who are to blame, and all the details, but the fact remains that the city of Oakland has lost the Raiders to Las Vegas, the Warriors to San Francisco and now the Athletics to Las Vegas, completing the Trifecta in Sports (hard to do) and leaving the city of Oakland lost in Sports land.

Southern Nevada would be the fourth home for the franchise that started in Philadelphia in 1901 as the Philadelphia Athletics, later Kansas City A’s, and then since 1968 Oakland A’s that has captured nine World Series titles, leading the way in Bay Area baseball with four World Series titles in Oakland.

Although the move was expected, is sad news for Bay Area baseball fans, especially A’s fans who since they moved to Oakland in 1968 had supported the team. The City of Oakland was named the “City of Champions” during the 1970s as their three professional sports team, A’s, Raiders, and Warriors all captured titles during that period.

“We understand that it’s a difficult message for our fans in Oakland,” Kaval said. “We want to thank Oakland and express a tremendous amount of gratitude for all the years it has hosted us as a franchise. We’ve loved our time there. Incredible memories and championships.”
More to come.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez does News and Commentary at

Study Says Climate Change is Affecting Baseball?
APR 13, 2023 - San Francisco Giants broadcaster Mike Kurkow once said to the author Amaury Pi Gonzalez about the effects of the weather changes “Let’s see which way the wind is blowing.” In this photo it rains at Oracle Park and climate change has been playing a part in baseball. (photo from file)

A study by Associate Professor of Economics Eric Fesselmeyer found that Major League Baseball (MLB) umpires call pitches less accurately in uncomfortable temperatures, with a performance at its worst in extreme heat conditions. Dartmouth researchers analyzed more than 100,000 major league games between 1962 and 2019 and found about 1 % of recent home runs can be linked to global warming.

It has always been like that, a game in very hot and humid weather will make it uncomfortable for the umpires, players, and even fans, but that is not Breaking News. (More on this towards the end of this article).

Dartmouth is an Ivy League school in New Hampshire ranked sixth most expensive in the US, at $76,480 per year. However, those who follow baseball for years always knew that weather affects baseball more than any other sport.

Universities are centers for learning, but sometimes they do studies like this when we all know that baseball is as much ruled by weather as, for example, there are rain-outs in baseball and not in Football, we all understand that windy conditions make the ball travel further or much less on a field with little or no wind.

If you visited Chicago, especially Wrigley Field, before games the pitchers scheduled to pitch that day or night, are always curious for watching which way the wind is blowing. If it is blowing from home plate to the outfield, pitchers know they might have a tough day, but if it is blowing the other way, it could be a good day for pitching.

Back in the 1990s when I was broadcasting Giants baseball and traveling with the team, I remember one trip to Wrigley Field. On that trip I remember Mike Krukow telling me “Let’s see which way the wind is blowing”, although he was not pitching, doing TV commentary, he always told me he checked the wind, earlier in his career when he pitched for the Cubs and later when he visited and pitched for the Giants.

Baseball parks are all different; they all have different dimensions (unlike most other sports where the field is exactly the same dimension). In Yankee Stadium more than likely you will have a stronger wind blowing to right-center field, but when you go to Seattle or other teams with retractable roofs or permanent roofs, hitting is affected.

You do not need to go to Dartmouth to know that humidity makes the air less dense and a ball will go farther on a humid day than it will on a dry day, so you can save that $76,000. At the Oakland Coliseum is never easy to hit a home run during a night game; however, the first week of this 2023 season a couple of cold nights with lots of wind carried what usually are regular fly balls for outs, to go over the fence for home runs.

If you watch baseball for years, you come to understand that is a unique game that is affected not only by the weather but by many other factors including by the clock beginning this season.
Baseball and Weather Quote: “There are three things you can do in a baseball game, you can win, or you can lose,or it can rain: -Casey Stengel.

Nothing to do with Climate Change: Since the average game, this season is down 31 minutes, MLB teams are now experimenting with extended alcohol sales as game time shortens due to the pitch clock. These teams have extended alcohol sales through the eighth inning: Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, and Milwaukee.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez does News and Commentary at

A’s is it Oakland or Las Vegas? The case for both sides
APR 2, 2023 - Las Vegas Aviators Stadium at dusk, the Oakland A’s possibly could end up playing here while they wait for their new ballpark to be built if they come to an agreement with Vegas officials and if they don’t get an agreement in Oakland (file photo by the Las Vegas Review Journal)

OAKLAND–The 2023 season just began and the clock is doing the job the Commissioner expected. Most games are way less than three hours. Last Sunday in Seattle the Guardians and the Mariners played a game in 2 hours and 3 minutes. 2023 is also the year to fish or cut bait for the Oakland A’s franchise. Do they leave Oakland after over half a century and four World Series titles in this city (that is one more than the Giants) or like the Sinatra standard “Come Fly With Me” they leave for Las Vegas?

The case for Oakland: The City of Oakland is not a huge metropolis with just over 400,000 residents inside their city limits, but it is the third largest city in the nine-county Bay Area, only San José and San Francisco have a larger population. It doesn’t matter because we have between 6 to 7 million people in this area and two major league teams. One (Giants) have played in San Francisco since 1958 and the A’s since 1968.

Yes, the A’s are rooted in Oakland, and common sense tells us this is where they should stay. They already have a planned ballpark, Howard Terminal. Oakland is not famous for keeping their pro teams; they lost the Raiders to Las Vegas and the Warriors to San Francisco.

The track record of keeping their teams in Oakland is not that good. Yet, it makes sense since they are already ahead with the plan with a designed new park ready to go. But then there are the problems with the funding for affordable housing at the Howard Terminal area a plan that would change Oakland forever, a $12 billion project.

As of today, the Mayor of Oakland Sheng Thao says it is all fine and that they are optimistic, but they do not even have a binding agreement and it might never happen because not everybody in the city council is in favor of Howard Terminal and some will say they want the team to stay in Oakland and build a new place at the same location. But the Commissioner says that is a “no go”.
The case for Las Vegas: Nevada is a desert, sometime in the future they could run out of water, the chance of running out of water, that is their biggest problem, but they have the room and they could have the will and the money if the State decide to use funds to help the construction of the A’s park.

Joe Lombardo, Governor of Nevada did not rule out public funding for the A’s. Team management has been traveling to Vegas and has looked at three different sites; with the Rio Casino Hotel might be the one preferred location. Sooner or later, Las Vegas is going to get a major league baseball franchise, maybe by expansion, but it is not that easy.

Expansion might take more than two or even three or more years to happen. The A’s seem to be hanging on a tree like a ripe mango to take. There are other cities like Portland and Nashville (ex-A’s great Dave Stewart is involved with Nashville trying to get an expansion team).

However, and very important is that the A’s know Nevada legislation will not meet in 2024, they have to get a deal done this year, 2023. If not, then what? Oakland/Bay Area is the 5th media market in the US, Las Vegas is 40th. Even Sacramento is a larger media market than Las Vegas, as the State Capital comes in as the 19th media market.

These three famous ex-players, the first two in the Hall of Fame, had said publicly that Las Vegas would be the place to the A’s to relocate, George Brett, Greg Maddux and Jason Giambi. This is what they said:

George Brett “They should come here,” he said. “I was talking to some guys earlier, and I said if I was in the Oakland organization, I’d rather play Triple A than in the big leagues.
Greg Maddux – Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux said he’s all for bringing an MLB team to Las Vegas, be it the Oakland Athletics or an expansion team. “Any team would be great as a fan,” said Maddux, a longtime Las Vegas resident.

Jason Giambi played for the A’s from1995 to 2001, then came back to play for the A’s in 2009 and on the 23rd of May hit a home run in Oakland against the Arizona Diamondbacks, it was the 400 home run of this career.

I called it in Spanish for A’s radio and remember giving him a disc with the recording which he appreciated. This is what Giambi said “the affordability of living in this area compared with California will be a big draw for free agents”.

In conclusion: I want the A’s to stay in Oakland. I have been a resident of the Bay Area since 1969 and I have worked for both the A’s and Giants calling many of their games, with the Giants doing all 162 games home and away traveling with the team.

I am afraid Oakland is playing with fire as they might take it for granted (that they will stay), but I am not sure. The city of Oakland has big problems; crime, they’re short of cops, all you have to do is watch the news every day, homelessness is a tough problem to resolve.

They need to build more affordable housing and projections now show a growing potential current year deficit of $72M. This is one of the most serious financial challenges the City of Oakland has ever faced. Also, Oakland never got the $182 million grant they needed from the Federal Transportation Department’s Mega projects.

Amaury Pi Gonzalez is the lead play by play announcer on the Oakland A’s Spanish radio network 1010 KIQI San Francisco and 990 KATD Pittsburg and does News and Commentary at
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